Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Associated Content Closes It's Doors to Non US Writers

If you were a Associated Content writer and are not a US Taxpayer you were probably recently disappointed by an email you received that essentially closed you out from any future earnings at the site. To be clear, not only can you no longer earn from writing any new articles, all of your past work is unable to earn future earnings either! So your first step should be to have all of your writing removed from the site. Just on principle, if they are not paying, they cannot have your work. Here are some good alternatives to Associated Content

eHow Shut Down: Other Places to Write Online

eHow recently closed its doors to new writers and is no longer accepting new submissions from its existing writers. The alternative is to apply for Demand Studios, which I enjoy, but I imagine will be quickly overrun with a lack of decent topics. The closing of eHow and a search for eHow alternatives may be a godsend for many writers who will now be forced to do some searching for viable alternatives. All in all, eHow was a rather foolish place to write for in the first place. This piece details some of your best eHow alternatives.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Publishing Creative Writing Online: Beware the Bloodsuckers

In this fourth installment of the vampire novel, "Cursing The Darkness", we find out just what Marcus and his crew were up to before returning home covered in blood and stinking or wood smoke. We also get a look into Phillips feelings the night following his last hunt - he had almost lost control of the beast within that night. How will he deal with it? Read chapter 4 of Cursing The Darkness 

Online Creative Writing and Publishing: Evil Companions

In the third installment of "Cursing The Darkness" we meet Marcus and his "family" - four vampires he created to be his companions in evil. We get an introduction to each one as they prepare for a family night of hunting the innocent... Read Chapter 3 of Cursing the Darkness

Creative Writing Online: The Beast Takes Control

In this second chapter of "Cursing The Darkness", Phillip continues his hunt. The beast inside him is trying to take control, and Phillip desperately tries to stay in control. When the night is through, he'll go to his hiding place and fight the remorse, replaying the vicious cycle that rules his existence... Read part two of Cursing the Darkness 

A Foray into a Dark World: Creative Writing Online

In Part One of "Cursing The Darkness", we meet Phillip - a vampire on the hunt. There's something not quite right with him, though, and he only reluctantly gives in to his blood lust. But when he does finally give in, will he be able to shut down the beast inside of him? Read part one of Cursing the Darkness 

A Journey into Publishing Creative Writing Online

This is a serialization of a novel - it's an experiment in online publishing, and reader feedback will be crucial to keeping the project going! The story focuses on one particular blood-sucker with an identity crisis. He doesn't want to kill people, and he hates the very idea of what he is and who he has become. Then he meets a mentor who promises to change all of that and make him the very example of a "healthy" vampire...
Cursing the Darkness - The Beginning